Monday, 22 June 2015 14:44

Public Sector Week news

This week marks the start of the inaugural Public Sector Week. At the Commission we are always pleased to support the range of work that happens in the public sector and, for us, this special week has come at a timely juncture.

This week our annual report on the operation of Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities will be tabled in parliament and last week we made our submission into the eight year review of the Charter. So, in recent weeks our thoughts and discussions have very much been on the Charter and its aim of helping those of us who work in public sector organisations take human rights into account in the work we do and the way we engage with our communities.

In the eight years since it began operation, the 20 key rights set out in the Charter have moved beyond being "another law" that public authorities are bound to follow and are now being used in more sophisticated and proactive ways to protect people from breaches of their human rights. More recently, the Charter has been directly responsible for a number of initiatives such as increasing the number of women in leadership, improving decision making for older Victorians and promoting diversity and inclusion. Despite the fact that decisions made by public organisations impact directly on our daily lives it is rare to get a behind the scenes look into the work the sector does. There are already a number of events underway for Public Sector Week and a full program of events can be found here:

And, if you need further assistance or would like to discuss how the Charter is relevant to particular aspects of the work of your organisation, please contact the Commission and we'd be happy to help.


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