Wednesday, 28 October 2015

New guide putting a stop to family violence before it occurs

A new online guide launched by Women’s Health Victoria has been developed to support primary prevention efforts for violence against women.

Equality and Safety for Women: Preventing violence before it occurs has been developed for Victoria’s Women’s Health Services, local government, community organisations, businesses, schools, statewide and peak bodies.

The guide sets out the principles for action on preventing violence against women, and seven steps for action planning, implementing and measuring primary prevention efforts in the regional context.

Victoria’s nine metropolitan and rural women’s health services are already using the guide which includes information, evidence, tools, resources and best practice examples.

The Guide is available at

In May 2015, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission made a submission to The Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Commission also submitted a Joint Statement Getting serious about change: the building blocks for effective primary prevention of men’s violence against women in Victoria. (Full statement | Summary)

The submission drew on the significant expertise of signature organisations including Women’s Health Victoria, CASA Forum Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault; Domestic Violence Victoria; Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health; No To Violence; Our Watch; Women with Disabilities Victoria and Women’s Health Association of Victoria.

The statement highlights and identifies gender inequality as a key driver of men’s violence against women and canvasses a range of preventative approaches needed to achieve measurable change.