Friday, 13 November 2015

Male Champions of Change call on all leaders to stand up to domestic violence

Some of the nation’s most powerful business leaders have come together to acknowledge domestic violence as a workplace issue.

Members of the Male Champions of Change group have worked with experts to create a practical guide for workplaces, calling on all leaders to 'play their part' in reducing the prevalence and impact of domestic and family violence.

Today around 1.4 million Australian women are living in an abusive relationship or have done so in the past, and of these, around 800,000 are in the paid workforce. Economic factors are the most significant predictor of whether a woman experiencing domestic violence remains, escapes or returns to an abusive relationship. It is estimated that domestic and family violence will cost Australian business $609 million annually by 2021.

Playing Our Part: Workplace Responses to Domestic and Family Violence was unveiled by Male Champions of Change representatives including Elizabeth Broderick, Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO (Ret’d), Dr. Martin Parkinson, PSM (Non - Executive Director), and KPMG CEO Gary Wingrove along with representatives from Telstra, and ‘Australian of the Year’ Rosie Batty.

Commissioned by the Male Champions of Change and prepared by KPMG, the report describes practical actions that organisations can take to reduce the prevalence and impact of domestic and family violence. This includes a three-level model of implementation, supported by examples of responses from Male Champions of Change organisations.

The report also outlines how workplaces can assist in keeping employees safe, providing economic independence that supports women’s choices, and playing a leadership role in the community. It demonstrates ways to ensure perpetrators are not able to make use of work resources such as email and phone to carry out their abuse.

For more on the project, watch the Step Up Together video about taking actions on domestic and family violence.

Victoria’s Champions

Victoria’s own Male Champions of Change bring together some of the state’s most influential male corporate, government and community leaders to advance gender equality and more women into leadership positions.

Convened by Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Kate Jenkins, the group works together on innovative approaches to help ensure women can thrive equally in our communities and workplaces. Read more about the group and it’s members.