Wednesday, 27 January 2016 13:11

Vulnerable Victorians still locked out of private rental properties

Some of Victoria’s most vulnerable groups are still experiencing discrimination when applying for private rental accommodation, making it difficult for them to secure an affordable home.

In the media today is an article about a woman with disabilities who was knocked back for more than 10 private rental properties. This is still an issue for many people, despite efforts to raise awareness about discrimination in the private rental market and there is no place for it in 2016.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has researched discrimination in the private rental market and the struggles vulnerable Victorians face when trying to access affordable, long-term accommodation.

Our 2012 report, Locked Out, showed that some people experience discrimination and stereotyping because of race, disability or having children, making it difficult for them to secure a home.

The report also reveals the significant personal consequences of repeatedly being knocked back for private rental properties. It finds that most people are unlikely to make a complaint if they experience discrimination because they don’t know they can or they feel powerless to do so.

What are my rights?

As well as having rights under residential tenancies laws, you also have rights under Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Act 2010. This makes it against the law for a landlord or rental agent to discriminate against you based on your personal characteristics such as disability. Find out more.

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