Tuesday, 17 May 2016 12:01

No place for racism in sport

The recent series of incidents where sporting players paint their face black as part of their fancy-dress costumes highlight how far we have to go in stamping out racism in Victoria.

Commission research shows racism is a daily experience for many Victorians, in particular for Indigenous Victorians.

This is why the Commission developed Report Racism, an online tool that enables individuals to report any incident of racism, which may include racial discrimination, racially motivated crime or racially motivated incidents by any member of the community.

"Our research tells us that members of the Aboriginal community too often experience racism, and we also know that this goes unreported," Acting Commissioner Clare Morton said.

"Racism can undermine an individual's sense of self-worth, leave them feeling vulnerable and isolated, and affect their mental and physical health," said Ms Morton.

"Report Racism gives people the opportunity to do something about this, as well as giving people who may see it happen but aren't sure who to tell an opportunity to do something."

The Commission also runs an 'Anti-Hate' campaign as part of the Commission's work to address vilification, hate and other forms of discrimination. This includes a website that encourages people to share their stories of confronting racism and supporting bystanders and developing community awareness education programs.

"Many of us wish we knew who to tell and how to respond to racial prejudice in a safe and appropriate way. Anti-Hate provides people with the information and tactics they need to take action when they see or experience racism," Ms Morton said.

Reports can be made online at www.reportracism.com.au or through a reporting place, such as the Neighbourhood Justice Centre.
Visit www.antihate.vic.gov.au for further information on another way to take a stand against racism


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