Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Commissioner condemns racist Wi-Fi

Kristen Hilton, Victoria's Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner, has spoken out against the racist name given to a Wi-Fi connection in Melbourne.

Ms Hilton said racist language was never acceptable and that the community should "condemn and challenge this sort of discriminatory and hateful behaviour".

The area, on the corner of Smith and Stanley Streets in Fitzroy, is a traditional meeting place for Aboriginal Australians and many frequent the spot today. It is the site of the annual Smith Street Dreaming festival and there is a sculpture pointing out other significant Aboriginal sites nearby.

The Wi-Fi network, which shows up when anyone searches for a connection in the area, is labelled with a racist slur and has been causing great offence for the past two years. Victoria Police says investigators are trying to find the person responsible.

Read the article in The Age, "Aboriginal people slam 'coward' over racist Wi-Fi name"