Submission to the Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services - Jun 2015

This submission briefly presents the key findings of the Beyond Doubt report regarding abuse in disability services, highlighting key reasons why abuse is not reported or acted upon.

The submission further makes a number of recommendations regarding actions that should be taken to firstly prevent, and then better respond, to abuse in disability services including:

  • capacity building for clients
  • training for disability staff
  • supporting peer-led education and advocacy
  • expanding the current Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme
  • improving complaints handling.

Download a copy of the Commission's submission below.

The Commission appeared before the Family and Community Development Committee as part of the second stage to the Parliamentary Inquiry into abuse in disability services.

The transcript of the Commission's appearance is attached below, and is available on Parliament of Victoria's website.

Our response to the questions that we took on notice is also attached below.