Submission to the Pathways to a fair and sustainable housing system discussion paper - Jul 2012

The Commission has made a submission to the government discussion paper on future directions in public housing, Pathways to a fair and sustainable housing system. Our submission outlines how the Equal Opportunity Act and the Charter can be used as tools to shape a new housing policy framework to deliver fairer and more flexible options for people in housing need.


The submission notes one of the policy options discussed in the discussion paper is the removal of security of tenure of public tenants, so as to free up stock for waiting applicants. The Commission is concerned that this strategy is unlikely to succeed in the absence of much larger reforms across the whole of the housing system, including the private rental market.

Locked out: Discrimination in Victoria’s private rental market, a recent research report by the Commission, shows that discrimination in the private rental market for disadvantaged groups is real and that, unless such discrimination is removed, private rental is unlikely to be a viable housing option for many.