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Race discrimination in nightclubs, pubs and bars

Melbourne has a reputation as a city that welcomes cultural diversity. When patrons of certain racial backgrounds are refused entry into nightclubs, pubs and bars it is offensive and distressing to the individuals concerned. It also damages the reputation of the entertainment and hospitality industries.

Tell us about your experiences

We want to hear about your stories and experiences so if you have had an experience of racism that you would like to share, you can:

  • email us at [email protected]
  • call the Commission’s Enquiry Line on 1300 292 153 or (03) 9032 3583.

Find out more 

Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, it is against the law for business owners, their staff and agents to discriminate in the provision of goods and services on the basis of characteristics such as race. For more information about the Commission’s research into race discrimination, visit our race discrimination pages.


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