About the Anti-Hate campaign

The 'Anti-Hate' campaign is part of the Commission’s work to address vilification, hate and other forms of discrimination.

The campaign was developed in response to our own research as well as academic work on preventing and responding to discrimination. We also drew on data from the complaints we receive at the Commission, as well as working closely with community and stakeholders on the Reporting Racism Reference Group.

The campaign is aligned with the National Anti-Racism Strategy and No To Homophobia campaign. Other supporters include the Victorian Multicultural Commission, Multicultural Arts Victoria as well as Victorian Government departments and agencies.

The campaign is designed to make it easy for people to do something without feeling afraid or that they are being judged. Importantly, one of its key aims is to reach people where they are – and where much of the discrimination is now occurring – online.

It also provides a place for people who would usually be unable, or unwilling, to make a formal report to let us know about their experiences.

Aims of the campaign

The campaign has three main aims:

1. To encourage people to understand that there is something you can do about hate. By walking past offensive graffiti on a wall or sitting silently on a train while someone else is being abused, we inadvertently contribute to an environment where this sort of behaviour is seen as OK. It’s important that we don’t put up with hate, both for the target of that hate and for the whole community.

2. To give people a way of reporting what has happened to them if they experience discrimination such as racism, homophobia or sexism. It also offers a place for people to go if they witness discrimination in their community or see it online, and when they come across graffiti that is hateful and offensive.

3. To enable people share stories of how they have stood up against hate – from calling a council to remove graffiti to responding to people taunting others in the street. We hope this will encourage and inspire other people to take a stand.

The Anti Hate Help section of the website has links to other agencies that can assist, such as Victoria Police, local councils and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

It also offers online tools, including sending images of the campaign with links to the site, letters and  Anti-Hate message that users can post to haters on Facebook, blogs and online forums as well as tips for bystanders on how to Spray Back against hate.  


If you would like to make a formal complaint please contact the Commission on 1300 292 153.

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