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The Charter - individual rights

There are 20 individual rights that are protected under the Charter. Download a combined factsheet of all the rights (PDF, 321KB) or choose from the individual factsheets below.

Section 8 – Right to recognition and equality before the law  
(PDF, 205KB) | (DOC, 62KB)

Section 9 – Right to life  
(PDF, 203KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 10 – Right to protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment  
(PDF, 212KB) | (DOC, 62KB)

Section 11 – Right to freedom from forced work  
(PDF, 202KB) | (DOC, 58KB)

Section 12 – Right to freedom of movement  
(PDF, 212KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 13 – Right to privacy and reputation  
(PDF, 215KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 14 – Right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief
(PDF, 211KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 15 – Right to freedom of expression  
(PDF, 228KB) | (DOC, 70KB)

Section 16 – Right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association  
(PDF, 216KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 17 – Right to protection of families and children  
(PDF, 222KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 18 – Right to take part in public life  
(PDF, 221KB) | (DOC, 61KB)

Section 19 – Right to protection of cultural rights  
(PDF, 223KB) | (DOC, 59KB)

Section 20 – Property rights  
(PDF, 199KB) | (DOC, 56KB)

Section 21 – Right to liberty and security of person  
(PDF, 232KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 22 – Right to humane treatment when deprived of liberty  
(PDF, 235KB) | (DOC, 60KB)

Section 23 – Rights of children in the criminal process  
(PDF, 212KB) | (DOC, 59KB)

Section 24 – Right to a fair hearing  
(PDF, 212KB) | (DOC, 58KB)

Section 25 – Rights in criminal proceedings  
(PDF, 235KB) | (DOC, 65KB)

Section 26 – Right not to be tried or punished more than once  
(PDF, 223KB) | (DOC, 55KB)

Section 27 – Right to protection from retrospective criminal laws  
(PDF, 213KB) | (DOC, 59KB)

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