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The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities – A guide for Victorian public sector workers is designed as a practical tool to help public sector employees build their human rights knowledge and capability to contribute to a strong human rights…
Owners corporations have legal obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010. This information sheet provides tips to help them to meet their obligations to prevent discrimination and sexual harassment when providing services and accommodation. It contains examples of common discrimination…
Friday, 09 March 2018 15:45

Equal opportunity in golf - Mar 2018

What you need to know about preventing sex discrimination in sport and club membership
The Human Rights Unit of the Department of Justice and Regulation published Good practice guide: Managing complaints involving human rights, to help public authorities effectively deal with complaints about human rights. This guide is intended to inform, complement, be incorporated into, or…
Sport plays an important role in making our communities happier and healthier. Sport should be a safe, inclusive and fair environment for everyone. That's why equalopportunity laws apply to sport – to ensure that we can all participate in the…
This guide provides tips and things to think about when working with Indigenous people. It explains some common cultural practices amongst Indigenous people.
This guide provides tips and things to think about when working with Jewish employees. It explains some common Jewish practices such as observance of Shabbat (Sabbath), religious festivals and kosher dietary requirements.
This guide provides tips and things to think about when working with Muslim employees. It explains some common Islamic practices such as daily prayers, observance of Ramadan, wearing the hijab, beards, and halal dietary requirements.
Information on how the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 applies to sport and what you need to consider before holding single-sex competitions.
Information for business owners of clubs, cafes, bars and other venues about race discrimination and their responsibilities under the law.
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