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A Commission report into the experience of students with disabilities in Victorian schools has found that there have been significant policy developments and action but more work is required to measure and ensure real change for students.

The report details the progress made by the Department of Education and Training on the Commission’s recommendations made in its groundbreaking 2012 research report Held back: the experiences of students with disabilities in Victorian schools. It draws on an analysis of information and engagement with the Department and other key stakeholders.

A3 poster featuring facts on disability discrimination to mark International Day of People with Disabilities on 3 December 2016.

This short paper provides information about the tuition fees that are charged to overseas students for primary school education and encourages people affected by this measure to tell the Commission their story.

This research report (PDF | RTF) gathers information about the issues and challenges experienced by students with disabilities in the Victorian school system and identifies potential solutions, consistent with Victoria's equal opportunity and human rights framework, to improve access to education for students with disabilities.

This report is based on Commission research of the issues faced by families relinquishing children with disability into state care. Our research found that 50 or more families surrender the day-to-day care of their child with disability to the state each year because they cannot get access to the support they need to continue caring full time.

This report looks at the policy of charging school fees for the dependents of international students and other visa holders to attend government schools, which is of particular concern to the Commission as it conflicts with Australia’s obligations under article 28(1)(a) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child to make primary education compulsory and freely available.

Information for parents and students about disability discrimination in schools, TAFEs and universities, and how the law can protect you.

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