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The Commission has provided a submission to the Department of Justice and Regulation’s consultation on the Victoria Police Restorative Engagement and Redress Scheme.

While the headline 'Sex cases soar' may not seem like for good news for Victoria Police, the rise in complaints is an indication that more women members are speaking up about their mistreatment and that is absolutely a step in the right direction. 

With the festive season approaching, employers are encouraged to remind employees that the office Christmas or end-of-year party is a work function and sexual harassment is not acceptable.

The Commission sends Maryanne Diamond AO, Accessibility Activist, warm congratulations on being a state finalist for Australian of the Year 2017.

The first week of 2016 is yet to draw to a close but we have already seen a spate of inappropriate workplace behaviours which have sex discrimination at their core.

So let's get it out of the way right at the start: the fun police are ruining the country. You can't make a joke about anything any more. The do-gooders need to get over themselves and have a laugh. And here's my favourite: it was just a harmless joke.

In an effort to curb sexual harassment, US retailer American Apparel is attempting to ban workplace relationship and recently fired founder and CEO, Dov Charney, for alleged misconduct. While it's imperative to take workplace sexual harassment seriously, Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Kate Jenkins says that having a policy actually banning workplace romances would be culturally unacceptable in Australia.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Football Federation Victoria have thrown their support behind this year's Pride Football Australia tournament to show there is no place for homophobia in football.

International Women's Day is a day for celebration and a call to action for both men and women. Because equality is not just a "women's issue" – things that are good for women also benefit the whole community.

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has today launched a new guideline on sexual harassment in the workplace and has called on employers to ensure they comply with their legal obligations to stamp it out.

The biggest survey into women who work in the law undertaken in recent years shows that women are exiting the legal profession because of systemic discrimination, sexual harassment and cultural and structural factors.

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