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Multicultural and Multifaith Engagement Action Plan

The Commission is pleased to launch its Multicultural and Multifaith Engagement Action Plan (MMEAP).

Throughout 2017 and early 2018, we conducted an extensive consultation process with multicultural and multifaith community leaders and members, and key community agencies and advocates. Their considered thoughts and insight informed the development of the MMEAP.

This important piece of work is aligned with the Commission’s five-year Strategic Plan and, in particular, the priority area: Reducing Racism.

The Commission continues to hear increasing anecdotal and formal reports of racism and discrimination incurred by migrants, refugees and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Our consultations with communities inform us that these reports are a small percentage of racist incidents incurred on a regular basis by these communities.

This MMEAP is designed to ensure greater numbers of Victorians from multicultural and multifaith communities, and their advocates, have the confidence and information to access the Commission and exercise their rights.

Promoting and protecting the human rights of multicultural and multifaith people in Victoria contributes to the promotion and protection of human rights for all people in Victoria.

Further, the MMEAP contributes to our vision of making Victoria a more inclusive place where all people are treated with dignity and respect. 


1: Deepening our partnerships and engagement with multicultural and multifaith organisations

  1. Increased initiatives to protect targeted, minority or vulnerable multicultural and multifaith communities
  2. Stronger and deeper dialogue established with key multicultural and multifaith organisations across Victoria who represent targeted, vulnerable, impacted communities to address racism

2: Empowering multicultural and multifaith individuals to understand and exercise their rights

  1. Tailored and interactive events and education sessions that empower individuals and groups who have experienced racism
  2. Deeper engagement with vulnerable communities in targeted geographic areas to address racism
  3. Accessible resource in relevant format, language and design supporting communities to understand their rights and to access the Commission’s services
  4. Community ‘ambassadors’ are empowered to inform their communities about their rights, responsibilities and remedies under our laws, and the Commission’s services
  5. Our knowledge is shared to address racism through statutory reform or policy change

3: Adopting digital strategies to encourage increased reporting of racism

  1. Increased understanding of the barriers and solutions to reporting racism
  2. An evidence-based digital campaign that deploys messages or narratives that address these barriers to reporting racism, discrimination and vilification
  3. Increased community awareness of individual experiences of racism and increased reporting of racist incidents to the Commission
  4. The Commission’s data on racism is strengthened to contribute to state and nation-wide racism evidence base

For more detailed information about the Plan's objectives, outcomes and actions please download a copy of the MMEAP.

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