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Strategic and Business plans

2017-22 Strategic Plan: Upholding human rights close to home


The Commission’s 2017–22 Strategic Plan, Upholding human rights close to home, will guide the Commission’s work for the next five years to achieve our vision for a fair, safe and inclusive Victoria where everyone is respected and treated with dignity.

Our plan draws inspiration from the words of Eleanor Roosevelt who championed human rights at a universal level but explained that without action to uphold human rights at the places close to home – our communities, our workplaces, our sporting clubs, and through government decisions and policy – "we will look in vain for progress in the wider world."

These are unusual times. We are more aware than ever of the harmful impact of inequality and discrimination; and yet prejudice, exclusion and intolerance remain part of the fabric of everyday life for too many Victorians. Understanding and standing up for the human rights of every person – such as the right to privacy, to be free from violence, discrimination and harassment, and to be tried fairly – matters more than ever.

This plan sets the direction for our work towards achieving our long-term goals: for human rights to be central to law and policy development, for people to value and stand up for human rights, and for institutions across sectors to champion human rights and develop, adopt and drive leading practice.

The Commission is a dynamic organisation and we will continue to be responsive to matters of public policy, law and practice that concern equality and human rights. Based on research and feedback from our many stakeholders we will also focus on four key areas that will help create enduring change. These are:

  • Embedding a human rights culture
  • Improving workplace equality
  • Protecting human rights in closed environments
  • Reducing racism.

We have also developed four principles which will guide our work. We will ensure that: we make human rights accessible and resonate for all Victorians, we lead with evidence and research, our work is designed to have a transformative impact, and that we invest in our people to be the best human rights organisation we can be.

This is our roadmap and we look forward to taking the journey over the next five years with you.

Download our 2017–22 Strategic Plan:

2018–20 Business Plan

VEOHRC Business Plan Cover

Our Business Plan outlines a program of work for 2018–20, through which the Commission will deliver the outcomes in the priority areas identified in our Strategic Plan.

These priorities were set based on how we can best contribute to the change we want to see, taking into account our mandate, expertise and current community needs.

Download our 2018–20 Business Plan

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