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Monday, 02 May 2016 16:28

Report reveals older people willing to work

The Australian Human Rights Commission has today launched a national report examining the challenges facing older workers. 

This group of workers, aged 55 years and over, make up roughly a quarter of the population yet only 16 per cent are in paid employment.

Willing to Work examines the impact of declining workforce participation amongst older workers warning that many people in their 50s who lose their jobs face years of unemployment.

The report also reveals that people with a disability experience a significant level of discrimination in employment.

On launching the report, Age and Disability Commissioner Susan Ryan said, "People who are willing to work but are denied the opportunity are also denied the personal and social benefits of dignity, independence, a sense of purpose and the social connectedness that work brings."

Many highly skilled individuals are being shut out of work because of underlying assumptions, stereotypes or myths associated with their age or their disability.

The Willing to Work report comes with a number of recommendations including improvements to existing laws and policies along with a range of strategies for business and employers to improve employment opportunities for people with a disability as well as older Australians.

Read the Willing to Work Inquiry Report.

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