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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 09:26

Australia’s new $5 note a win for vision impaired

After years of campaigning, 15-year-old Connor McLeod has the results of his determination in hand: The first bank note that Australia’s 360,000 blind people can read.

Connor petitioned the Reserve Bank of Australia to add tactile markings to new banknotes so that blind and vision impaired people can read them. He also made a discrimination complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

In February 2015 the Reserve Bank finally reversed its decision and announced that the next generation of Australia’s banknotes would include tactile features.

This is a win for equal opportunity, giving a real measure of independence to Connor and Australia’s blind community.

Read more: ABC News "Australia's new $5 notes to be more accessible to blind and vision-impaired people"

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