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Friday, 31 March 2017 20:59

The Commission celebrates Transgender Day of Visibility

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility.

The International Transgender Day of Visibility began in 2009 and is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of trans and gender diverse people. It also serves as a reminder of the progress still to be made for trans and gender diverse people across the world. 

To celebrate this day, the Commission is releasing a video series that asks five trans people – Brenda Appleton, Ti Butler, Jordan Fenton, Aram Hosie and Sam Lilit – "why is it important to be visible?".

Watch the full set of videos

Days like the Transgender Day of Visibility send a strong message to trans and gender diverse people that they belong and that they're a valued part of our community.

Yet many trans people face discrimination every day in businesses and on public transport, and are heavily scrutinised by the media.

It is unfortunate that some sections of the media run fear campaigns designed to alienate trans and gender diverse people by making them a scary 'other'.

No one should be treated unfairly because of who they are.

Instead we must continue to raise the profile of trans people and the different roles they play in our communities. Trans people are doctors, actors, business people and members of our defence forces.

The Commission is also offering businesses free transgender flag stickers to put up in their workplaces to show their support for the transgender community.

Cafes, bars, restaurants and shops that display the trans flag send a powerful signal that they are welcoming places that value respect and won't stand for discrimination.

Chrissie and Zach are part of of the Assembly cafe in Carlton and they are the first business taking up the Commission's offer.

Trans flag on the coffee window at Assembly Cafe
"Assembly's doors are open for everyone," Zach said.

"On the Transgender Day of Visibility, we want to specifically recognise people who are trans and gender diverse and let them know that they're welcome here."

To request a transgender flag sticker for your business email [email protected].


If you have experienced discrimination, call the Commission on 1300 292 153 or fill in an online complaint form.

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