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Friday, 08 December 2017 10:25

Equality triumphs in Human Rights Week

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission ends Human Rights Week with a celebration of the legislation of same-sex marriage in Australia.

Commissioner Kristen Hilton said: "We couldn’t have a better end to a week where we have placed equality front and centre of people’s minds.

"People across Victoria have celebrated and joined together throughout this week to acknowledge how important it is to protect our fundamental human rights. The right to equality has been made real by yesterday’s legislation of same-sex marriage and marks the beginning of a new era of equality in Australia. 

"Courageous leadership was shown by many extraordinary advocates over many years to get us here. Today we pay tribute to everyone who worked so hard to achieve this result and acknowledge the strength and resilience of many during this extended and often difficult public debate.

"Here at the Commission, we are celebrating the fact that our shared belief in equality and dignity has helped to make us more a compassionate and more respectful nation."

Commissioner Hilton said the new law can be implemented without affecting the rights of other groups, including as religious bodies.

"I want to reassure our diverse communities that our equality laws allow us to balance the rights of all Australians. In particular, this new law will allow same-sex couples to marry while recognising the rights of religious bodies to adhere to their beliefs," Commissioner Hilton said.

If you feel like you have been discriminated because of your sexual orientation or gender identity or another personal characteristic, you can call the Commission on 1300 292 153, chat with us online or submit an online complaint form.

Why the Commission supports marriage equality

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