Tuesday, 10 September 2019 13:39

Updated Victorian Discrimination Law resource

Victorian Discrimination Law is the essential digital resource for practice guidance, case law and analysis of discrimination laws in Victoria – and it’s now available online in a new, easy-to-access format via AustLII.

First published in 2013, Victorian Discrimination Law is an invaluable resource for practitioners and the community alike. It provides a guide to jurisprudence relevant to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and, in a new chapter, the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. It includes matters of practice and procedure, and analyses how courts and tribunals have resolved relevant issues.

For the first time, this new version of Victorian Discrimination Law is available through AustLII communities and will be interactive with direct links to cases and legislation. This platform will allow Victorians to understand and interpret primary legal sources and how different areas of the law intersect.

The AustLII communities website is an accessible platform that can be updated swiftly to ensure Victorian Discrimination Law stays current. One final Word/PDF version of the resource is available from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission website, but all future updates will go directly online.

Since the first edition, Victorian Discrimination Law has been downloaded more than 70,000 times.

Access Victorian Discrimination Law on AustLII Communities

Access the final Word and PDF versions

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