Friday, 29 August 2014 15:17

Commission goes purple to support sexually and gender diverse young people

Commission staff donned their brightest purples today in support of Wear it Purple Day.

Wear it Purple Day has a simple message: you have the right to be proud of who you are. Sexuality or gender identity does not change this. Wear purple if you agree!

Wear it Purple Day is about showing rainbow (sexuality and gender diverse) young people that they are supported, celebrated and respected exactly as they are. It's about raising awareness in your school, workplace, uni, or general community that rainbow young people face challenges that they shouldn't, and it won't be tolerated.

Through the public outpouring of support, we want rainbow young people everywhere to know that their support-base is far greater than they could have anticipated. As more purple is seen yearly at school, in workplaces, on the streets and online, we are saying to rainbow young people everywhere: you are not alone. Don't see young people in your workplace? Your participation can join Wear it Purple Day's massive virtual support network.

Founded in 2010 by two Australian teens, Wear it Purple Day has grown into a world-wide celebration of diversity and pride. Although the first message around 'Wear it Purple' is for schools, there are two other aspects.

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