Friday, 20 June 2014 10:09

Letter to the editor, published in Saturday Herald Sun, 21 June 2014

The Commission is disappointed to read of community members' objections to the proposed mosque in East Bendigo on the basis of religious grounds and concern over the influence of Islam. These kinds of discriminatory and intolerant attitudes should not be welcomed in our community.

The City of Greater Bendigo Council has demonstrated great leadership in making its decision to allow the Australian Islamic Mission to build a mosque.

The Council is legally required to balance competing rights and interests of its community. In this case, the application raises the right to privacy, the right to religious freedom, freedom of expression and the right to freedom from discrimination. Under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, the Council must take human rights into account when it makes decisions, including determining planning applications.

We are fortunate in Victoria to live in a community where cultural and religious diversity is embraced and protected in law. If people feel they have been discriminated against, they are encouraged to contact the Commission.


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