Rights of passage

The Rights of passage research found that experiences of racism against young Australian-Sudanese people prevented them from moving freely in the community and limited their access to services, employment and education.

The Commission remains concerned about the ongoing reports of race discrimination against Australian-Sudanese young people, and calls for more systemic responses to the discrimination identified in Rights of passage reports from 2008 and 2010. 

Institutions must continue to improve practices and policies to prevent discrimination and promote equal opportunity. Young people need to participate and contribute at the early stages of planning policies and projects to ensure their human rights are considered and their needs met.


Rights of passage - the experiences of Australian-Sudanese young people is the Commission’s 2008 report on Sudanese young people’s experiences of racism and discrimination in the City of Greater Dandenong. The research was conducted as part of our role under the Equal Opportunity Act 1995 and after a request for assistance from the local community.

Rights of passage - two years on was published by the Commission in October 2010. It was the result of the result of submissions from five Victorian Government departments, three statutory authorities and the local council, and consultation with community leaders and 45 young people.

The young people interviewed for the follow-up report told the Commission they continue to experience racism, which limits their access to employment and education in particular, and were concerned about the way they were treated by police and portrayed by the media.

Both reports are available to download in Word or PDF format.

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The Commission will continue to work with government, Victoria Police and non-government agencies to address the issues raised in Rights of passage and support for the social inclusion of Australian-Sudanese young people. 

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