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Victorian Discrimination Law (2nd ed) - Sep 2019

First published in 2013, Victorian Discrimination Law is an invaluable resource for practitioners and the community alike.

This resource provides a guide to jurisprudence relevant to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and, for the first time, the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. It includes matters of practice and procedure, and analyses how courts and tribunals have resolved relevant issues.

The latest version of Victorian Discrimination Law is now available through AustLII Communities with links to cases and legislation.

Access Victorian Discrimination Law on AustLII Communities

The version available here for download was published in September 2019 and all future updates will go directly online in the version on AustLII Communities.

Topics include:

  • Explaining this resource
  • Explaining the types of discrimination
  • Protected attributes
  • Areas of public life in which discrimination is prohibited
  • Reasonable adjustments for people with a disability
  • Permanent exceptions to discrimination
  • Temporary exceptions by VCAT
  • Sexual harassment
  • Other prohibited conduct
  • Vicarious liability
  • Racial and religious vilification
  • Resolving disputes
  • Remedies for discrimination
  • Procedures and evidence
  • Compliance powers