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The report notes the results from this survey, which were also used to inform our submission to the Federal Government's review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport.
Wednesday, 28 August 2013 15:45

Reporting racism: what you say matters

Reporting racism: what you say matters completes the first stage of a multi-tiered project to raise awareness of racism in the community and to build capacity for victims and bystanders to report racism and vilification when they experience it. The…
The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has recently completed research into the experiences of Koori women and the justice system. This project is one of the Commission's key responsibilities under the Aboriginal Justice Agreement 3. The Commission worked…
The Fair go, sport! project aimed to increase awareness of sexual and gender diversity in hockey and promote safe and inclusive environments, and develop a flexible model of engagement that can be adapted for other sporting codes and their governing…
The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission in partnership with Deloitte Australia have launched new research into the business benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Download a PDF of the report.
This report (PDF | RTF) addresses some of the myths and stereotypes that have a direct impact on older Victorians in relation to their experiences behind the wheel.
This report examines the experiences of women in the legal profession – focusing on discrimination, sexual harassment and the accommodation of parental and carer responsibilities (RTF | PDF).
This research report (PDF | RTF) gathers information about the issues and challenges experienced by students with disabilities in the Victorian school system and identifies potential solutions, consistent with Victoria's equal opportunity and human rights framework, to improve access to…
This report looks at the policy of charging school fees for the dependents of international students and other visa holders to attend government schools, which is of particular concern to the Commission as it conflicts with Australia’s obligations under article…
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