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Reporting on the Charter

One of the Commission's responsibilities under the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (the Charter) is to produce an annual report about the operation of this law.

As a statutory function set out in section 41 of the Charter, this annual report must examine the operation of the Charter, including its interaction with other laws, and report on any declarations of inconsistent interpretation and any override declarations.

The Commission also maintains a register of statements of compatibility, which are tabled for each Bill and must identify when part or all of a Bill is considered to be incompatible with the Charter.

Reports on the operation of the Charter

The operation of the Charter is in the hands of Parliament, the courts and public authorities across Victoria.

To produce the annual report on the operation of the Charter, the Commission asks Victoria's government departments, Victoria Police, local councils and other relevant statutory authorities to report on the steps they have taken and the outcomes achieved to integrate the Charter across their operations and service delivery.

Charter consultation reports

The annual report is generally accompanied by several consultation reports, which examine community awareness of the Charter.

Previous consultation reports prepared by the Commission have examined the protection of rights in relation to children and young people (2008), women (2009), economic, social and cultural rights (2010), Indigenous people (2010), people with disability (2010), older people (2011) and regional Victorians (2011).

See a full list of Charter reports.