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Resolving workplace complaints

Employers have a responsibility to establish a process for resolving complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation in the workplace.

Resolving complaints quickly and fairly is good for organisations. If left unaddressed, discrimination and sexual harassment can lead to increased absenteeism, low morale, reduced productivity and high staff turnover.

Developing policies and procedures

There is no one ‘right’ procedure. Employers should develop a complaints procedure to suit their organisation’s size, structure and resources as part of an equal opportunity policy. This could include having both an informal and a formal process for dealing with complaints.

Complaints to the Commission

Complaints that cannot be resolved internally may be lodged with the Commission. We attempt to resolve matters through conciliation.

Staff training

Everyone in an organisation should be aware of the process for resolving complaints. Managers should be trained so they understand the issues involved and can make informed decisions at each stage of the process.

The Commission provides training and advice to help employers develop and implement effective complaint handling procedures.

More information

Contact the Commission for advice on resolving complaints in your workplace. Employer organisations or industry associations may also be able to provide support.

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