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Compliance, best practice and culture change relies on key elements of your organisation working together.

Organisation policies and practice

Our consultants will help you create policies and procedures that set clear expectations for respectful workplace behaviour. They can also work with you to identify key areas of risk and develop an action plan to advance best practice across your organisation.

Frontline leadership and management

Frontline leaders and managers are the cornerstone of productive, inclusive and non-discriminatory workplaces. Our consulting and customised programs will support leaders to:

  • increase their knowledge of their obligations and capacity to role model respectful behaviours and foster a respectful and inclusive team culture
  • embed equal opportunity practice into their operations
  • manage issues that arise.

Team dynamics and culture

Our consultants work with managers in their teams to set clear behaviour standards, strengthen team interactions and develop a team culture that genuinely values respectful behaviour, diversity and inclusion.

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